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Become A Licensed Agent

An "Insurance Producer" is a person required to be licensed under the laws of the State of Tennessee to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance.
General Requirements:
1. The applicant is at least eighteen (18) years of age.
2. Resides in Tennessee.
3. The applicant is competent, trustworthy, financially responsible, and has a good business reputation.
4. The applicant is required to pass a written examination and complete a pre-licensing course of study thru an approved education provider for each line of insurance for which an insurance license is requested.
If you hold a P&C license, you do not need a Personal Lines license. Personal lines and commercial are included.Persons interested in becoming a licensed agent in the State of Tennessee should: 
- Obtain a Uniform Application for Resident Individual Insurance Producer License.
- This application can be found at the back of a candidate handbook.
- Complete the pre-licensing education requirement for the line(s) of insurance for which you  wish to be licensed. 

Licensing and Pre-licensing Through ExamFX

As a pioneer in adaptive learning, ExamFX created technology that incorporates user performance into their training program. Each assessment is customized for the individual learner, highlighting their strengths and areas to improve. As learners move through the course, simulated exams and quizzes help them review the material, while the platform remembers where they are strongest and focuses on areas where more remediation is needed. Their platform can make sure topics are thoroughly reviewed and that learners are completely prepared for their exam.


The ExamFX Insurance training platform offers a wide variety of insurance prelicensing courses in all 50 states. Each is specifically designed to follow the individual state’s testing provider exam outline, ensuring that only the information that might be presented in the exam is covered. Our simulated exams are state- and provider-specific, so there are no surprises on Test Day. We make sure you are prepared to pass.


ExamFX is so confident in our training program that we guarantee users who successfully complete the Guarantee Exam will pass their licensing exam on their first attempt! If you do not pass your licensing exam within three days after scoring 80% or higher on the Guarantee Exam, we will refund the cost of your course. It is that simple. Some restrictions may apply.

Insurors of TN members get a discount and the discount code is tdurham@insurors.org


For pre-licensing classes visit https://www.examfx.com/insurance-prelicensing-training/property-casualty


If you have additional questions please call the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance at 1-888-416-0868 or (615) 741-2693 or visit the Tennessee Department of Insurance's website:  www.state.tn.us/commerce.

License Renewal and Non-Resident Licensing

License renewal and Non-Resident Licensing is now handled through State Based Systems.
Visit http://www.statebasedsystems.com/ for more information.You may also contact Teresa Durham at 615-515-2607 tdurham@insurors.org or the TN Department Commerce and Insurance at 1-888-416-0868 or 615-741-2693

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