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Trusted Choice Marketing Reimbursement Program


Trusted Choice has funds available to help Big “I” member agencies offset the cost of marketing expenses when leveraging the Trusted Choice brand.

Trusted Choice will reimburse a portion of expenses incurred in 2023 by Big “I” members for co-branding advertising and marketing materials or making certain digital improvements for your agency.

All agencies are eligible for up to a $1000 reimbursement for co-branded marketing and certain digital improvements. This is a 50% match base on one allotment per member agency (limited to one location). Funds will replenish for all members in 2024.

How to access funds:


Co-brand with the Trusted Choice Logo

Use of the Trusted Choice logo on consumer facing advertising. For access to pre-produced advertising materials visit our Marketing Campaigns that can be customized for your agency free of charge by Trusted Choice staff. There are print, digital, video and radio ads available.


  • Digital Co-branding: Use of any of the Trusted Choice customizable marketing materials or brand creative that includes the Trusted Choice logo. This includes video production and advertising costs (display ads, social media ads, YouTube etc.)


  • Traditional Co-branding: Certain traditional advertising options are eligible for reimbursement (billboards, radio, print, client incentives, and some sponsorships), provided they are co-branded with the Trusted Choice logo. Stationary, business cards and other office supplies are NOT eligible for reimbursement. We encourage you to seek guidance from a Trusted Choice staff member with questions regarding eligibility via trusted.choice@iiaba.net


Digital Improvements

Reimbursement is available to make strategic digital improvements for your agency using one of the providers designated as MRP eligible listed on our vendor comparison site “TechCompare.” You can utilize the funds with one or multiple vendors during the year up to the $1,000 limit.

Important Application Information


To apply for reimbursement, a member must submit to Trusted Choice:

• A completed reimbursement form. Applications can be submitted on our website or emailed to Trusted.Choice@iiaba.net.

• For applications requesting reimbursement for co-branding, a design proof/sample/picture of each of the materials to be reimbursed (please send in color.)

• For applications requesting reimbursement for digital improvements, invoices or receipts showing proof of payment are required. Please include a description of the work that was done.

• All reimbursements are paid via direct deposit only, so members will also need to submit their W9 and banking information (voided check).

Applications are considered in the order in which they are received until available MRP funds have been depleted. A submitted application is not a guarantee of reimbursement. Applications will be
accepted through February 2024, however the program may close sooner at Trusted Choice’s sole discretion. Please allow up to 8 weeks for processing.

Trusted Choice reserves the right to deny any request for reimbursement for any reason including use of the Trusted Choice logo in a manner that is not consistent with the Trusted Choice Brand Style Guide or the guidelines of the MRP. Only the Trusted Choice logo is eligible for reimbursement. If you are unsure about an item or use of the logo, want to get pre-approval of an item, or need to check if your agency is eligible for any reimbursement, please contact us at Trusted.Choice@iiaba.net or call (800) 221.7917.

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