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Trusted Choice Marketing Reimbursement Program


Trusted Choice has funds available to help Big “I” member agencies offset the cost of marketing expenses when leveraging the Trusted Choice brand

Members have three ways to access funds:


1. Co-brand with the Trusted Choice Logo

General Co-branded Marketing: Up to $750 in reimbursement when co-branding with the Trusted Choice logo on any consumer facing items. This could include business cards, store signage, advertising costs, event sponsorship, branded giveaway items and more. (This program has a lifetime max value of $750 per agency location)


Digital Marketing Incentive: Additional $750 in Funds Available for 2021 Only! Open to all members. Must be used towards digital marketing efforts (video, social or web ads) and must include the Trusted Choice logo. Members can use any of the Trusted Choice customizable campaigns or can create their own ad.


 2. Website Upgrade

Receive $500 for building a new site with one of our preferred partners. Partners include ITC, Forge 3, Titan Web, Advisor Evolved and Marketing 360. $500 is a flat reimbursement and does not require member to spend above that amount. Option 2 reimbursement funds can only be used towards new websites created in 2021 and excludes add on services.


3. Advantage Subscription

Upgrade your agency’s listing on our lead generation site to an Advantage profile and start getting referrals today. Upgrading will give you a premium profile and allow your agency to begin receiving leads of active insurance shoppers. Trusted Choice will reimburse you $125 if you purchase an annual subscription.


For full program details or to submit a reimbursement request visit today!

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