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Best Practices

Take the Time to Work on Your Agency

Reagan Consulting

For almost 30 years, Reagan Consulting has been the trusted partner in Best Practices research, producing the Best Practices report annually.

Best Practices Study Update

This new release is based on top agencies in the United States and provides updates to financial and benchmarking data.

Producer Hiring Calculator

Download Excel worksheet and enter your agency key assumptions.

Best Practices Catalog

View the product catalog, including the Guide to Producer Contracts

Agency Ownership

Its never too early to begin planning. The transition takes time. Start now - the Big "I" can help.

Measure Performance

Real life benchmarking and formulas to help your agency achieve Best Practices Agency Status.

Guide to Producer Contracts

Every producer in the agency should have a written, signed contract with the agency, which serves as the basis of the business relationship.

Cash Flow: Is It Killing Your Agency

Many agencies financially focus on one thing, the income statement. While profitability and growth are very important, you can't forget the balance sheet.

Best Practices Agency Feature

Inclusion in Action sat down with InsureFit RM President and national Big "I" Diversity Council member, Mel Evans from Knoxville, Tennessee.

4 Lessons from the Best Practices Study

Four key areas in which independent agencies must go beyond day-to-day chaos to rethink their fundamental business operations.

Helpful Videos

How to Make the Most of the Best Practices Research

Help with Producer Contracts is Here

BetterTogether: Strategy & Sales Velocity

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