Agency Member Benefits
Insurors of Tennessee is the premier trade association for independent agents in the state of Tennessee. Our mission is to be unrelenting advocates of independent agents and brokers while fulfilling their political, educational and business needs.

We can provide you with the best comprehensive policy and our Field Representative is a Swiss Re approved E&O auditor. This in house program is exclusive to members and allows us to be more responsive to members needs and schedules.

We offer more than 200 classes in CIC, CISR, CRM, ABEN, CEU across the state to make it more convenient for  you to continue your insurance education. 

Big "I"
Take advantage of the Trusted Choice brand by using the Big "I" markets, reimbursement program, marketing tools and several resources that help better serve your clients.

We have a lawyer on staff to answer any legal questions regarding policies and regulation.

With our 3 publications and social media platforms you will stay up to date on the latest trends within the industry and state.

Our staff has more than 187 years of experience, we are a great source for your agency. We can provide information on markets, coverage, regulations, research or MGA.

Products and Services
Insurors offers a wide variety of products, services and markets available only to member agencies.

Legislative and Government Relations
Insurors is one of the most politically active associations in the state of Tennessee. Each legislative session, Insurors of Tennessee's lobbyists are present at the state capitol. They not only provide legislators with the information they need to make informed decisions about issues that affect the insurance industry, they also report legislative happenings to the membership on the continuing basis.

Agency Membership

Agency membership is for insurance agencies doing business in Tennessee as individuals, partnerships, corporations, or other forms of business who represent at least one insurance company which operates in conformity with the American Agency System (ownership of expirations belongs to the agency) and who are under the direct management and supervision of a person licensed by the State of Tennessee as a resident insurance agent.