Insurors of Tennessee

The staff of insurors of Tennessee is made up of a team of professionals that have over 175 years of combined insurance knowledge and experience.  

Chuck T Bidek, CPCU
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (615) 515-2600

Ashley Gold
General Counsel
Phone: (615) 515-2606

David R. Williams
Market Development Manager
Phone (615) 515-2605

Daniel D. Smith, Jr.
Director of Communications
Phone: (615) 515-2601 View Daniel Smith's profile on LinkedIn

Stephen W. Holmes, CIC, CISR
E&O Specialist
Phone: (615) 515-2609

Ellie Small
Membership Specialist
Phone (615) 515-2607

Colleen Vance 
Accounting Specialist
Phone: (615) 515-2603

Dakota Weatherford
Marketing & Research Associate
Phone: (615) 515-2608

Don Cunningham, Jr., CIC, CPCU
Membership Development
Phone: (615) 515-2602

Insurors of Tennessee
2500 21st Avenue South, Suite 200
Nashville, TN 37212