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Rough Notes Advantage Plus

Online Sales and Service Resource

The Big I Advantage® Virtual Risk Consultant powered by Rough Notes ("VRC") is an online sales and service resource designed to help your agency better serve your customers. Using this tool will lead to increased sales by improving  your  staff’s knowledge of a prospect’s operation enabling them to better identify and cover customer exposures. The VRC will help your staff better understand the product they sell.  It will also assist agency staff with preparing proposals, explaining complicated insurance terms, and most importantly documenting client files. It is truly a tool that will increase the professionalism of staff and help your agency grow while limiting your exposure to E&O claims.


Big "I" members have exclusive access to Big I Advantage® Virtual Risk Consultant. Similar products sell for thousands of dollars. Big "I" members enjoy a deeply discounted rate:

Agency Size (per state)             Annual Subscription Price      Four Year subscription price (best value!)
Up to 15 users per agency                              $250                                               $750
More than 15 per agency                                $500                                               $1500


To see the VRC in action, click here to experience a limited demo.


Claims data for the Big “I” Professional Liability Program reveals that about 40% of claims involve the agent failing to procure coverage and failing to adequately identify exposures. The Commercial and Personal Line Risk Analysis System on the VRC assists producers and CSRs. How?

1. By helping them understand the exposure of businesses in more than 650 different industries, including recommended minimum coverages.
2. By allowing them to create and print comprehensive questionnaires to collect the information necessary to complete ACORD applications.
3. By providing them a comprehensive list of coverages with succinct definitions to enhance understanding at the point of sale.
4. By offering important customer file documentation in the form of a comprehensive checklist of coverages offered, accepted, rejected or not applicable which is signed by the customer and stored in the file.

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