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RLI's In Home Business Insurance policy, endorsed by IIABA, responds to the needs of over 100 eligible business classes on an ISO BOP form. With premiums starting at $159, competitive commissions, easy underwriting and a self-rating application, this product should make for an easy sell.  Your customers need business coverage if they sell a product or service. Generally coverage options on the homeowners policy are inadequate. The RLI Home Business Insurance Policy is designed for small retail and service risk operated from the insured's residence, has provided affordable coverage tailored for home-based businesses for over 20 years, and can provide your customers peace of mind.

All forms must be completed and submitted (A supplemental application is required for some classes as listed in links below)

Mail the completed application, terrorism form and a check payable for the premium to Insurors of Tennessee.

Benefits include:
• Business Personal Property Protection - Coverage for business personal property away from the premises location. Policy endorsement provides coverage to business personal property which is temporarily at a premises an insured may lease, operate or occupy.
• Coverage limits available up to $100,000 for the business personal property while at the location and temporarily off location.
• Package Policy priced for home-based businesses.
• Many business classifications include coverage endorsements designed to tailor coverage for business operations being conducted.
• Up to $1,000,000 in business liability coverage with aggregate limits at two times the per occurrence limit.
• Liability limits follow the insured's business operations conducted within the U.S. and provide for losses which result in bodily injury, property damage and personal and advertising injury.


143 Home Business Classifications - Top 10 include: 
• Teachers/tutoring
• Bakeries
• Residential inspection services
• Handicrafts including crafters
• Photographers
• Artists
• Personal care products
• Costume jewelry sales
• Sales of clothing and accessories
• Entertainers

Optional Coverages
• Variety of additional insured endorsement forms for a small premium fee of $20 for each eligible additional insured listed
• Identity Fraud Expense Coverage
• Garagekeepers Coverage
• Money & Securities Coverage
• Increased theft limitation for jewelry and watches


Low Deductibles and Affordable Rates
• $250 deductible for property losses and liability losses resulting in property damage
• Annual policies starting at $150 with average premiums of $300

What qualifies as an In-Home Business?
An In-Home Business includes a retail or service business operated from the insured's place of residence and having the below characteristics.


The In-home Business must:
• Be operated by the insured and/or another immediate family member who resides in insured's household
• Employ no more than ten (10) employees, other than independent contractors or distributors
• Be incidental to the occupancy of the building as a private residence
• Have a maximum of $50,000 business personal property, and
• Have a maximum gross annual sales/receipts derived from the business activity of $250,000 for sales or merchandise or $500,000 for a service business.

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