Agency Growth Conference 2021

On-demand sessions on service vs. experience, work comp, insurance data, cyber security planning, digital marketing and more.
The 2021 edition of our Insurors Agency Growth Conference will again be a virtual event, but this time we've added a new feature. This year's sessions will be available on-demand beginning Wednesday, March 23. That's right, no more setting aside specific hours of your day for a specific online event. Now you can set your own schedule and watch the sessions you want to watch – when you want to watch them.

What's even better, this event will be FREE for Insurors members that register before March 23! This is all thanks to our Partners Program participants, including the event's presenting sponsors.
3/23/2021 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

This session will discuss some of the current E&O concerns facing agents, including Pandemic-related issues, virtual office exposures and a look at the legal side of the aisle.

We talk to our insureds about cybersecurity, but do have plans in place for preparedness and compliance at your own agency? Michael Jordan from Insurors-endorsed partner Securibly will help get you ready.

How is your agency changing its strategy to reach clients during the pandemic? How can you be prepared when we get back to "normal" life? Our endorsed partners at Titan Web Marketing Solutions will help you figure it out.

Ask almost any agent what there agency's competitive advantage is, and they'll say, "Our service." So if everyone's service is great, who really stands out? Our keynote speaker Olivia Schmitt will discuss why "customer experience" may really be the key.

Industry technology expert Steve Anderson and sponsor RPost will discuss tools to help insurance professionals be as productive as they can as we continue to adapt to changing industry and world.

We all know pricing has trended down sharply in the last few years of the Tennessee work comp market - but what else is happening? Abbie Hudgens, the Administrator of the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation, and Mike Shinnick, Manager of Work Comp at the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, will tell us.

We have plenty of data on what the Tennessee insurance marketplace looks like - but what does it all mean? Longtime industry consultant Paul Buse, CPCU, ARM will help explain what the trends and information may mean.

Has the PEO world changed since the concerns of a decade ago? Absolutely. Is there still a lot to learn about how agents may best utilize PEOs for their clients? Definitely. Cindy Edwards from Engage PEO will lead this session to help cover the opportunities and myths of PEOs.