Virtual Risk Consultant Changes to Rough Notes

Rough Notes' Producer On-Line product is the platform behind the Big "I" Virtual Risk Consultant (VRC). Now, Rough Notes has revamped the Producer On-Line product and reintroduced as Rough Notes Advantage Plus. With this change, the branded VRC product will be discontinued and replaced with Rough Notes' Advantage Plus, which is the same platform and suite of services as those offered within VRC. 

Big “I" member agencies will continue to receive significant savings on the direct subscription price, paying $500 per year—a $200 discount on the regular price and significantly lower than price points offered through similar distributors.

Effective immediately, all registrations and renewals for the program must be completed on the Rough Notes website. Use the case-sensitive Big “I" member promotional code – IIABA – to receive the $200 discount.

Rough Notes will contact existing subscribers about the upcoming renewal process by email and phone. If you have further questions about this notice, contact Rough Notes at