July Lightning Learnings Focus on Vehicle Issues

In July, the Big "I" Virtual University's (VU) Lightning Learning series will feature three 20-minute sessions dedicated to personal and business auto policies, led by Chris Boggs, VU executive director. Register once to attend all three sessions, which will each begin at 11:30 am EST.

July 10: Insurance and Autonomous Vehicles
Autonomous vehicles are coming—the only question is when. Many evolutions and revolutions must occur before U.S. streets are fully autonomous and everyone in a vehicle is nothing more than a passenger.

July 24: Applying the 'Business Use Exclusion' in the Personal Auto Policy
For most PAP insureds, the business use exclusion is irrelevant. In practical application, the PAP extends coverage for the business use of "your covered auto," provided it's not used to carry people or property for a fee, such as via Uber or Lyft. Absent material misrepresentation in the application regarding the use of the vehicle, the PAP responds to an incident arising from most business use.

But that's ISO language. In this session, we quote a non-ISO form that's very different from the ISO form—so different that an incident covered by the ISO form isn't covered by the proprietary form.

July 31: Why Personally Owned Autos Don't Belong on the BAP
Personally owned autos belong on a personal auto policy. However, sometimes an insured forces you to place an individually owned auto on a BAP, or you add a personally owned auto to a BAP unknowingly.

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