September Lightning Learnings from Big "I"

In September, the Big "I" Virtual University's (VU) Lightning Learning series will feature two additional 20-minute sessions dedicated to MCS-90 and liquor liability, and led by Chris Boggs, VU executive director. Register once to get access to all the September sessions, which will each begin at 11:30 am EST.

September 18 – Is the MCS-90 Broader Than the BAP
The MCS-90 was designed to assure that an at-fault "for-hire" or public motor carrier could fulfill its financial responsibility to the public, regardless of the insured's failure to comply with the underlying insurance policy's terms and/or conditions. But it was not designed or intended to extend insurance protection to non-insureds or create coverage where none existed. This session will review the MCS-90, its purpose, the protection it provides and how it might be misapplied.

September 27 – Understanding Liquor Liability Laws and Coverage
Liquor liability insurance is designed first to defend the insured against charges of negligence related to the service of alcohol; and second to indemnify or pay on behalf of the insured if they are found legally liable.

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