Titans Radio Program: Your Agency Wins Too!

For 18 seasons, Insurors of Tennessee has been synonymous with Titans Radio and the "Voice of the Titans" Mike Keith. We were early supporters of the team, and worked with carrier partners to develop a program that brought agents to the forefront during each game broadcast.

This year, we sat down with Titans Radio to talk about new opportunities to market independent agents. Through those discussions we were able to develop a new program opportunity with the Titans to broadcast separate commercials for Insurors member agencies to be broadcast on local network affiliates that carry Titans Radio.

Titans Radio has affiliates in 25 markets in Tennessee. For a total cost of $4,250, your agency would receive 64 in-game ads during the Titans regular season broadcasts on your affiliate station. That’s 4 in-game ads per game*, and the “Voice of the Titans” Mike Keith can produce 1 ad for you – at no additional cost – to run in these spots. You will also receive 2 suite tickets and field passes to a regular season game (as selected by the Titans). This is a great opportunity for your agency to increase local marketing and agency brand awareness.

You can view more information in the full proposal at http://www.insurors.org/pdf/TitansRadio17Program.pdf

This offer is available only to Insurors member agencies, and only 1 offer may be contracted per market affiliate. As a group we must complete 18 offers for this program to proceed. This is a first-come first-serve offer with a final deadline of Friday, August 25th.

If you would like more information on market availability, or to be sent a formal agreement for signature, please contact Daniel Smith at 615.515.2601 or email dsmith@insurors.org.

*Nashville market is 2 in-game ads