Timely Moment to Offer Clients Cyber Coverage

Last week a massive global cyber attack affected dozens of countries and tens of thousands of computers worldwide. As international headlines covered the breach, cyber security is top-of-mind nationwide and it's apparent no one is immune to hacking or malicious attacks.

This is a timely moment to reach out to ensure your small business clients are covered with cyber liability insurance. Our newest product partner can be found on www.bigimarkets.com under "Cyber-Small Business Solution." Use the sample marketing letter as a quick and easy way to reach out to all your small business clients to offer coverage. Whether you choose to mail or email it, don't delay in reaching out to offer cyber!

It's also wise to have evidence that the coverage was offered in your client file. We have a customizable declination form (found at http://www.independentagent.com/SiteAssets/TFT/2017/May02/CyberdeclinationFormBIM.pdf) that can be used to document your file when coverage is refused. Customize and print it out (or load it to DocuSign) today, and make it part of your small business sales process.