New Reagan Consulting Report on Tax Impact

Reagan Consulting has released a new overview of its assessment of the "Agency Value Impact of Tax Reform Act." The consulting firm has been working with Big "I" and has developed its own overview for agents on how the new tax reform law can impact the valuation of insurance agencies. The report also discusses the current benefits of S-Corp versus C-Corp as it relates to the new tax environment.

Some of the points of interest from the presentation include:

-S-Corps may see a small increase in agency value based on tax rates
-S-Corp firms in States with low income tax rates are likely to see more benefit
-C-Corps are likely to see an increase in value based on tax reductions that should increase cash flow
-Converting to a C-Corp could be an attractive option for some S-Corps
-M&A valuations are likely to stay the same or increase slightly
-Overall changes appear to be neutral or positive

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